About Us

About Us

Enabletree is focused on emerging technologies and have been working in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as focused areas.

We are focused on digital space and are working on solutions which cater to digital workforce and digital marketing as focus.

As a start up we bring agility and flexibility to understand customer environment and develop a solution catering to their specific needs.

Our team of founders come with rich Industry experience and have been working in various market solutions. We understand the need to have a process oriented approach like an large organization but also understand that every organization is Unique and have their own working structure.

Enabletree as organisation is focusing on:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Professional Services
  • Digital Marketing and Digital Audits


Because we want to bring benefits to you and we can do so. As we help our clients become more customer centric, it is also at the core of our business model. We have seen technology happen, helped customers succeed, learnt from our failures and kept ourselves agile. Our team has brought the best of Fortune 500 reliability and startup dexterity to bring profitability to our customers

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Customer centricity

Industry Use cases and applications

Some of our experiences in various domains and application areas are given below

Leading Oil and Gas Consulting French major used RPA to automate their Accounts Payable processes using UiPath solution. The automation involves extracting data from invoices, validating them and posting them in ERP-s like IFS, Oracle and SAP


Shared Services

A leading health insurance provider is using RPA to extract data from their claims, enter them in the insurance application and process claims with much higher accuracy and speed. Enabletree is assisting them to optimize their claim processing and other manual repetitive process to drive business benefits



A leading voice based BPO company adopted Nudge from Enabletree to audit their voice calls to be a much higher extent than what they could achieve manually. This led to higher compliance and lesser penalties. Nudge uses industry API-s to convery voice to text and its own algorithms to analyze the text for complaince against a playbook.


Voice BPO

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